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The earth beneath our feet is a hub of hidden secrets that has always been nurturing billions of mysterious through its immeasurable bosoms. It’s because of these mysterious and secrets that we can see considerable differences in soils and other elements that composite the earth. Different kinds of stones are an evident proof of the changes and growth that caused by these mysterious.

These pieces of stones also serve as an emblem of the world’s spirit and its inner soul. The heartbeat of the earth can be heard even in the shortest pebble, but all you need is watchful eyes and ears that can really hear in the silence.

What they have in them, and what they can do for you, you can feel that all just holding them in your hands. We know instinctively that they will not chip and they will not break. Their inner beauty and grace always attract you and ask you to put them in your hands. You can’t resist and want to feel their true feel.
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PeridotIf some gemstone really has a really fascinating past, it’s none other than Peridot that has been serving in many various well-known civilizations and cultures for quite some time. Spiritual leaders and religious head used periodt for many different purposes and regarded that stone for its exceptional and inspiring healing powers. Peridot used to mine even in the days way back 1500BC as some descriptions about this gemstones have been found on pre-historic dens’ walls. Though the mention of this gemstone has been done in many different manuscripts of old civilizations, in ancient Egypt we find a lot of tales related to this stones. Many people believe that Cleopatra’s well-known emeralds were peridots in actual, but they were reckoned emeralds at that time.

It’s true that history of peridot is quite different from almost all well-known gemstones. Aside from diamonds and peridots, almost all well known gemstones form in the crust of the earth and that is the thing which makes these stones quite different from others. Peridot and diamonds are two those gemstones that form much deeper in the earth and they come up because of volcanic or tectonic activity.

In ancient world, Topazos Island was the main source of peridot, the stone was also abundantly found at St. John’s Island in the Egyptian Red Sea. The mention of this stone is also found in the history of Pliny.
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Gemstones or gems are rare and expensive kinds of stones that are found in some specific areas of the world .The specific characteristics and properties of different gemstones have been recognized in almost every well known civilization and in almost every age. Similarly, in human societies, different gemstones were reckoned the possessors of different kinds of powers. People have been using gemstones for different purposes like financial gains, healing, keeping bad luck and witches away etc. Some gemstones were also quite well known for their medicinal qualities, and they often serve as for the cure of various illnesses. It is also said that if someone succeeds to pick the gemstone according to one’s personal traits, these gemstones can prove very helpful for the wearers to get their desired objects as well as enhance their wisdom and mental caliber.

The associated properties of some common and some unusual gemstones are as under:

Citrine, which has lemony or deep golden texture, is a gemstone with innumerable positive attributes. In ancient days, this gemstone was used to increase the psychic ability. Many seers and spiritual heads often placed that stone on the forehead to increase their mental abilities and get a better control over their thoughts. The stone was also considered quite effective for the financial well being of the wearer and reckoned as a sign of good luck for him.

Quartz is another stone that is quite well known for its healing powers and providing clear vision. Different healers in different civilizations have been widely using that stone for quite some time with that belief that the stone could bring many revolutionary changes in the lives of the wearers. When the crystals of these gemstones are combined with other gemstones, they also increase the overall ability of the other gemstones.
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Lapis lazuli hot massageHot Massage is a very special kind of massage that uses smooth heated stones by immersing them in hot water. The therapist then places the stones at specific points on the body like neck, spine and also at different energy points of the body. The heat of the stone penetrates the body and warms and relaxes soar and tight muscles it is a very soothing and comforting experience. Usually Basalt stones are used but lately the people as hot massage stone has become quite popular as the extra ordinary healing power of the stone now know the use of lapis lazuli. Historically we know that the Egyptians, Buddhist considered it a very powerful and sacred stone.

Lapis Lazuli is formed deep below the surface of the earth when magma goes deep into the cracks of earth crusts, the intense heat of the fluid results in chemical changes forming such beautiful and energetic stones as lapis.

It is enlightening to experience the healing power; nature has put in lapis when used as a massage stone. It is ideal for hot massage therapy; it is non-porous due to which it is hygienic and easy to clean during therapy. Being hot stone in it self, it imparts the right amount of heat that is absorbed in the body’s energy flow points thus enhancing the flow of energy also it dissolves the tension and heals the aches.

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jewelry stonesSymbols of friendships are not specific to a particular society or a particular age, as they have been noticed in almost every human society and all the ages. But these symbols were different in different societies and the same is true about the different ages, as they have been changing with the passage of time. However, there are some symbols of friendships which can be reckoned as eternal and that seem to exist in every human society. Gemstones and flowers are such symbol of friendship that can be reckoned as eternal and that have been strengthening the bond of friendship and love for centuries.

Gemstones, like lapis lazuli are quite well-known for their healing powers and other associated energies, have been using for different purposes. Lapis lazuli in which the blue can be seen at its best is also known as the stone of truth and friendship. It is said that lapis lazuli has such energies as can help the wearer a lot to strengthen its relation with others and it can do wonders to keep people in good relations and harmony.

Apart from lapis lazuli luxury tiles some other gemstones like moonstone and Turquoise have also been found quite effective to boost friendship and promote good relations. These days the stones like them are a major hit in the world of fashion and even some celebrities have been seen with these stones to bring harmony and strength in their friendships. Besides friendship, these precious gems also considers quite effective to bring prosperity and good luck in the life of the wearer.

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Gemstone jewelry Humans have always been appreciating and valuing the beauty and uniqueness of gemstones.  They are valued because of their impressive colors, durability, hidden energies and rarity. Because of these very qualities, they retain higher monetary value and being used in decorative items and jewelry for centuries.

They are named as jewels, gems or gemstones, as they are just human concepts, they don’t have any specific geological or scientific definition.

Different kinds of gems are being widely used in many different kinds of jewelries these days. Women love gems, and often look for such gemstone jewelry that can go nicely with their attire. Men usually wear them because of their healing powers.

When different gemstones like sapphire, diamonds, rubies and lapis lazuli are jutted in precious metals like silver, gold and platinum, they look really impressive and represent the aesthetic sense and taste of the wearer.

Though different kinds of gemstone jewelry have been ruling on the heart of men and women for quite some time, things have changed quite a lot these days, and now people’s preferences have also changed. Now they look for jewelry that is consisted of only gold, silver and platinum and they like to adore these metals with embedded gemstones, however, the jewelry that made of only and only gemstones without any precious metal is not quite popular these days in many such parts of the world as are reckoned the hub of jewelry trends.

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Blue Ray It existed before time, well this is what said about this as old as hills stone. Lapis lazuli has seen generation after generation of the humans on the earth, and humans have also been making the most of it old seer to awaken their latent energies and bring harmony and peace in their lives. The remnants of this stone have been found in almost all the well-known civilizations of the world, especially, in Mesopotamians and Egyptians, the stone was prized quite high. People often seemed to show high reverence to lapis lazuli and it was reckoned a nice stone to bring light, truth and wisdom in the life of wearer.

Lapis lazuli is quite well known as a spiritual tool in which the blue color can be seen at its best, just like many other colors, blue also cast some impacts on humans and the stone which features the best of the blue will definitely give all of it which usually associated with it. Aside from its healing powers, the stone was used for many other purposes in dyes, paints and eye shadow.
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Type of Gems

Different varieties of gemstones have been identified, and they have also been divided into many different categories, so a collector or gem enthusiast can easily add some spice in his/her list of collection. Usually gemstones are divided into precious and semi precious categories, but some of them have such a composition and structure that it becomes quite difficult to classify them. But most of them can be easily classified and here are some well known kinds of precious and semi precious gemstones.


Diamond is no doubt the king of the gemstone kingdom which has been ruling not only on gemstones world, but also on human hearts for quite some time. Diamond is also quite well known as the hardest natural substance. It’ s the most precious gemstone in the world at present.


Chrysoberyl is also quite well known for its hardness that has higher quantities of beryllium in it. Apparently, it’s a nice looking gemstone that offers green and yellow shades, and they also have the tendency to change colors in different kinds of light. Alexandrite and Cat’s eye are to well known chrysoberyls that are widely used in different kinds of jewelry.

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Himalayan PeridotAncient Egyptians used to call it the gemstone of the rising sun. This stone is quite well known for its mystical properties and also quite well known for its powers related to anxiety, speech articulation enhancement and to bring harmony in marriage and relationships. The stone was widely used in jewelry by the Romans and Greek. Egyptians have also been mining that stone nearly 1500BC back.  The stone was mined in the areas around Red Sea.

Usually, the mining of this charming stone is done at night as it becomes more prominent because of its natural glow at night. Egyptians miners also believed that peridot could be seen even in the natural sun rays. Many renowned personalities throughout the history had quite an impressive collection of that stone. Cleopatra and Sultans of Ottoman were quite well known for such collections.

In Himalayan mountain regions peridot was abundantly found and its powdered form was used to treat asthma and fever in these areas. People of this region also believed that if something was drunk in a goblet made of peridot could enhance the potency of the drug taken with it. Pirates also used peridot to keep themselves away from evil spirits. Peridot is one of those stones that even men have been wearing in jewelry for quite some time, as they believe that this stone can be very effective for their vitality and strength.

Peridot is available in a wide range of colors including yellow green, sharp green and olive green. It bends and splits rays in such a way that when light passes through it, it gets a sleepy and velvety appearance. A rich glow with impressive luster could also be seen in this stone. In Pakistan a really exciting new deposit of this stone has been found few years back. These Pakistani Peridots are quite unique in their appearance and beauty and they are no doubt, the finest perditos that have ever been seen. This new mine has been found in the Nanga Parbat region in that is located in west of Himalayan Mountains.

Lapis Lazuli Tiles

If it is said that lapis lazuli is as old as hills, nothing wrong with it. Because of its matchless beauty and associated powers, this royal blue stone has been widely used for various purposes in almost all the well-known human civilizations. Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Indians and many others used that stone even thousands of years back.

The stone was also reckoned as sapphire in ancient times, and aside from jewelry and healing purposes, the stone was widely used in various forms for decorative purposes. The remnants of lapis lazuli tiles can still be seen in many ancient tombs in Egypt, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

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