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FAQ about De Mairo Lapis Lazuli or natural ultramarine Pigment

A:    Natural ultramarine is another name for natural Lapis Lazuli pigment, a pigment that is extracted from the blue gemstone Lapis Lazuli.

A:    Lapis Lazuli pigment is a historic pigment; its use dates back to the time of Egyptian pharaohs. It is also found in the art in Buddhist temples. Its extensive use can be seen in the Italian panel painting especially in the famous paintings of the Old Masters from 13th to 18th century.

A:    Natural ultramarine or lapis pigment is a gemstone pigment , with its crystalline structure it reflects light like a jewel; synthetic ultramarine is a chemical pigment ,its reflection of light is far less than lapis pigment so it creates  rather an opaque effect.

A:    It is very simple; just add linseed or poppy oil in the dry pigment drop by drop. Mix it well with a muller for few minutes(4 to 5 is ideal). Make a tube paint like consistency and it is ready to be used like regular paints, can be mixed with any color.

A:    No, De Mairo pigment doesn’t need extra grinding. It is ground very fine without a trace of grit.

A:    The regular tube colors contain a lot of chemicals in shape of fillers, extenders, stabilizers etc while the color pigment is quite less comparatively; these chemicals affect the transparency of pigment rendering them opaque.

A:    Making your own paint from dry pigment gives you the freedom to make them as much transparent as you want, as there are no fillers or extra chemicals to harm the transparency of pigment . Enjoy the brilliant, crystalline glitter of lapis pigment in your painting.

A:    Yes, mix the pigment with a little liquid gum Arabic, mix for 2 to 3 minutes ,use it as any tube or tablet color ,mix it with any color; the transparency of lapis pigment makes it ideal for water color painting.

A:    At  $45 for 30gm pack and $90 for 60gm pack.

A:    $20 for both 30gm pack and 60 gm pack respectively.

A:    You save $20 if you buy a 60gm pack.

A:    Usually it takes 3 to 5 working days to deliver at destination.

A:    Don’t worry, just heat it a bit in a metallic plate or in an oven , mix it thoroughly with oil and use.

A:    These are not granules, actually they are pigment particles, you see them because you haven't mixed your pigment with oil thoroughly.Take a small muller            and a bowl,  put the pigment with oil in it and mix it thoroughly in circular motion for 2 to 3 minutes dissolving all the granule likeparticles.