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Lapis lazuli hot massageHot Massage is a very special kind of massage that uses smooth heated stones by immersing them in hot water. The therapist then places the stones at specific points on the body like neck, spine and also at different energy points of the body. The heat of the stone penetrates the body and warms and relaxes soar and tight muscles it is a very soothing and comforting experience. Usually Basalt stones are used but lately the people as hot massage stone has become quite popular as the extra ordinary healing power of the stone now know the use of lapis lazuli. Historically we know that the Egyptians, Buddhist considered it a very powerful and sacred stone.

Lapis Lazuli is formed deep below the surface of the earth when magma goes deep into the cracks of earth crusts, the intense heat of the fluid results in chemical changes forming such beautiful and energetic stones as lapis.

It is enlightening to experience the healing power; nature has put in lapis when used as a massage stone. It is ideal for hot massage therapy; it is non-porous due to which it is hygienic and easy to clean during therapy. Being hot stone in it self, it imparts the right amount of heat that is absorbed in the body’s energy flow points thus enhancing the flow of energy also it dissolves the tension and heals the aches.

Lapis is well known as a healing aid in the areas of the neck larynx and vocal cords when touched with body it lowers blood pressures, regulates the activity of thyroid gland and improves circulation. Gently incorporated in the massage therapy it boosts the immune system and gives relief from insomnia, vertigo and dizziness. It cleanses the body mind and spirits from toxins and negativity, it helps to relieves stress and anxiety and prevents epileptic fits it heals headache and migraines, it quicken healing from surgery and cures inflammation. It heals liver and spleen problems.

Lapis Hot massage therapy would be a revivifying experience for your mind and body, it activates the regenerative energies of the body it expels depression and calms the nervous system.

A person who has gone through Lapis Massage therapy would feel renewed energy in this mind and body as it has an uncanny quality of strengthening mind and body. Thus it would not be a causal therapy but a rejuvenating experience for mind body and soul.

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