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As Red, as Ruby or red, red ruby?

Rubies are indeed lovable but most of the people are not aware of the fact that rubies as well as sapphires are the member of corundum gem family. There are many factors which provide the reason to call a ruby technically as red sapphire. Isn’t it interesting that outside the color red every other sapphire like pink, red or green sapphire is referred as sapphire.

There are different ranges of color available in rubies and they are from pale pinkish red to dark reddish-brown and most of them can be mistaken for garnet. Their prices depend mostly on their color, cutting, transparency, and settings.

Ruby that I have is medium pinkish-red that has very good clarity and transparency. It was tensely set in the ring to view the stone from all the angles.  If you view that from top, it would appear redder in color and bit silky as well and when you will view it from the side, it appears pinkish and feels entirely transparent.

The rubies that are considered the most precious are deep red in color and they also have some inclusions just like Burmese ruby. Many people believe that they are the most beautiful gemstones in the world. No doubt, they are beautiful but they are equally expensive or to be more exact the most expensive gems in the world. They are smaller in size and only few can be seen in a size of above two carats and their cost sometimes reaches into millions of dollars.

Many rubies that are seen in stores and jewelry shops are often heated to enhance the depth of their color. But we must also keep in mind that most of available gemstones in the market are synthetic or lab created and they are only experts who can judge precisely whether they are authentic or lab created.

Mostly rubies are found in Thailand and they have a stunning deep bloodish hue and most of these rubies are brown and skew very dark red.

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