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Blue Ray of Lapis Lazuli

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Blue Ray It existed before time, well this is what said about this as old as hills stone. Lapis lazuli has seen generation after generation of the humans on the earth, and humans have also been making the most of it old seer to awaken their latent energies and bring harmony and peace in their lives. The remnants of this stone have been found in almost all the well-known civilizations of the world, especially, in Mesopotamians and Egyptians, the stone was prized quite high. People often seemed to show high reverence to lapis lazuli and it was reckoned a nice stone to bring light, truth and wisdom in the life of wearer.

Lapis lazuli is quite well known as a spiritual tool in which the blue color can be seen at its best, just like many other colors, blue also cast some impacts on humans and the stone which features the best of the blue will definitely give all of it which usually associated with it. Aside from its healing powers, the stone was used for many other purposes in dyes, paints and eye shadow.

There are only two crystals in the mineral kingdom that surface or penetrate instead of healing, and lapis lazuli is one of these two crystals. It is said that lapis lazuli proves the best when it is placed in the middle of the forehead for the healing purposes. As this location is called third eye and when lapis is placed here, it proves quite effective to penetrate illusions and limited beliefs that serve as a hurdle in the way of subconscious wisdom. These are the rays of this stone which make penetration into blocked areas easier and smooth.

Here these rays of lapis lazuli create an energetic vibration and awaken the creative source of the mind which leads to self-empowerment and more awareness. This increased self-awareness inspired ideas, intuitive hunches etc.

Lapis lazuli is not only helpful to surface clear insight, but it is also proving quite effective to control certain actions of the wearer. This stone can bring to light if there is some emotional wounds that requires to be healed or released. All one needs to do is to allow its blue ray to take you into the depths of your subconscious and release its latent potential that can help you to solve many riddles of your surrounding.

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