Lapis Lazuli

Care for lapis Jewelry

Gemstones like Turquoise, malachite and lapis lazuli are opaque gemstones that need proper care and attention, as unlike transparent they are not crystals of some single mineral but consisted of rocks instead. These kinds of gemstones are required to clean just with a dry cloth. There can be pores on the surface of these gemstones in which chemical can easily absorb and can damage the beauty and color of the stone. Sometimes people use mild soap to clean these gemstones, but it’s not a right treatment for gemstones like lapis lazuli as this soap often builds up inside the stone and badly affects its color.

These days different chemicals like ammonia and ultrasonic cleaner are also used for cleaning gemstones, you must keep this fact in mind that these solutions can be good for some gemstones, but not for all especially for opaque gemstones like turquoise, malachite and lapis lazuli.

As it is said that all gemstones emit certain type of energy and the associated power of some gemstones is because of this very gemstone. However, sometimes dirt or other chemical deposits serve as a hurdle in the way of smooth release of this energy and thus it can spoil the associated powers of some gemstone.

Lapis lazuli is considered quite effective to boost psychic abilities of a person and similarly it is said that this stone can bring peace, harmony and tranquility in the wearer’s life. There are also many other traits which are associated with the use of this stone, however, these powers can only be utilized fully only if one takes proper care of this stone. Contrarily, if this stone is not handled with care, it may not give all what wearer usually expects from it, as chemicals or other dirt deposits become a hurdle in the way of energy these stone usually emits and which plays a pivotal role in the life of the wearer.

With 5-5.5 hardness on Mohs scale, lapis lazuli is a soft stone and because of this low hardness, it is suspected to chipping and scratches, and that’s why it is quite important to handle this stone with care.

Just with common sense and little bit care, one can add considerable life and luster in one’s gemstone and other precious jewelry.

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