Himalayan Peridot

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Himalayan PeridotAncient Egyptians used to call it the gemstone of the rising sun. This stone is quite well known for its mystical properties and also quite well known for its powers related to anxiety, speech articulation enhancement and to bring harmony in marriage and relationships. The stone was widely used in jewelry by the Romans and Greek. Egyptians have also been mining that stone nearly 1500BC back.  The stone was mined in the areas around Red Sea.

Usually, the mining of this charming stone is done at night as it becomes more prominent because of its natural glow at night. Egyptians miners also believed that peridot could be seen even in the natural sun rays. Many renowned personalities throughout the history had quite an impressive collection of that stone. Cleopatra and Sultans of Ottoman were quite well known for such collections.

In Himalayan mountain regions peridot was abundantly found and its powdered form was used to treat asthma and fever in these areas. People of this region also believed that if something was drunk in a goblet made of peridot could enhance the potency of the drug taken with it. Pirates also used peridot to keep themselves away from evil spirits. Peridot is one of those stones that even men have been wearing in jewelry for quite some time, as they believe that this stone can be very effective for their vitality and strength.

Peridot is available in a wide range of colors including yellow green, sharp green and olive green. It bends and splits rays in such a way that when light passes through it, it gets a sleepy and velvety appearance. A rich glow with impressive luster could also be seen in this stone. In Pakistan a really exciting new deposit of this stone has been found few years back. These Pakistani Peridots are quite unique in their appearance and beauty and they are no doubt, the finest perditos that have ever been seen. This new mine has been found in the Nanga Parbat region in that is located in west of Himalayan Mountains.

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