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Lapis Lazuli Handicrafts

Written by Irfan Qureshi

Offering a wide variety of lapis lazuli carfted decorative products such as globes , Coffee Table Tops, Vases, mosaic sinks, lapis lazuli solid sinks, table lamps and many interior and exterior decorative luxury products of lapis lazuli.

Lapis Lazuli Mosaic Vase

Lapis Lazuli is vases are made with natural semi preicous stone, De Mairo has used marble as base and lapis lazuli irregular shape slices and chips are pasted on marble, we have different sizes and shapes of vases, these vases can also be used as planters. sizes varies from 12 inch height to 24 inch height.

Lapis Lazuli Vase is made with natural Lapis lazuli stone, these vases are hand made.

Lapis Lazuli chips vases, this complete range is made of selective pieces of lapis lazuli chips, This can also be used as planter and vase.

Lapis Lazuli Solid Sink

Lapis Lazuli Solid sink with one piece of lapis lazuli without any joint. it is hand made…


lapis lazuli mosaic sink

Lapis Lazuli mosaic sink is made on marble base. their sizes are international standard usually 16 inch diameter.


Lapis Lazuli Table Top

House if De Mairo’s offer new product range of Table Tops.

Lapis Lazuli coffee table tops are made on marble, irregular shapes lapis slices are joined together. their shades are matched in a way which enhance its beauty. Different sizes, designs and shapes are available.

Lapis Lazuli Round table Top is made with grade AAA lapis lazuli, each pieces is selective and then crushed in a size. Its give impression of a painting. wooden and metal base can be used for this table top.

Lapis Lazuli Burj Khalifa

Lapis Lazuli Burj Khalifa model is made with solid pieces of lapis lazuli, Burj Khalifa is the tallest buidling of the World.

Lapis Lazuli World Globe

Lapis Lazuli globe give an impression of World, blue portion shows the water and some natural white calcite gives impression of countries on world map. Brown metal is used as stand, we also offer wooden stand with globe.

Lapis Lazuli pyramids

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid is made with one solid piece, different sizes and grades are available.

About the author

Irfan Qureshi

Muhammad Irfan is the founder of De Mairo Ltd, a company that has been manufacturing gemstones and luxury architectural building materials for the past 20 years. De Mairo products have graced many palaces, luxury homes, spas, hotels, yacht, and private aircraft.

Muhammad sources raw lapis lazili stones to manufacture lapis lazuli tiles, sinks, swimming pools, jewelry and different crafts for exterior and interior uses and also make the world’s finest-quality of ultramarine lapis lazuli pigment—everything imaginable with lapis—for a global clientele.

Apart from his gemstones business, Muhammad is the co-author on many online platforms, blogging about his passion for Traveling, Natural health products, Fishing, and Sports.

Muhammad is a fun-loving entrepreneur from Pakistan, based in Canada. You can add him on LinkedIn @IrfanDemairo

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