Meaning and properties of gemstone

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Gemstones or gems are rare and expensive kinds of stones that are found in some specific areas of the world .The specific characteristics and properties of different gemstones have been recognized in almost every well known civilization and in almost every age. Similarly, in human societies, different gemstones were reckoned the possessors of different kinds of powers. People have been using gemstones for different purposes like financial gains, healing, keeping bad luck and witches away etc. Some gemstones were also quite well known for their medicinal qualities, and they often serve as for the cure of various illnesses. It is also said that if someone succeeds to pick the gemstone according to one’s personal traits, these gemstones can prove very helpful for the wearers to get their desired objects as well as enhance their wisdom and mental caliber.

The associated properties of some common and some unusual gemstones are as under:

Citrine, which has lemony or deep golden texture, is a gemstone with innumerable positive attributes. In ancient days, this gemstone was used to increase the psychic ability. Many seers and spiritual heads often placed that stone on the forehead to increase their mental abilities and get a better control over their thoughts. The stone was also considered quite effective for the financial well being of the wearer and reckoned as a sign of good luck for him.

Quartz is another stone that is quite well known for its healing powers and providing clear vision. Different healers in different civilizations have been widely using that stone for quite some time with that belief that the stone could bring many revolutionary changes in the lives of the wearers. When the crystals of these gemstones are combined with other gemstones, they also increase the overall ability of the other gemstones.

Meaning of gemstone
Cat or Tiger’s Eye is another gemstone that is considered the hub of positive energy that can give lots of insight and clear thinking attitude to its wearer. It is said that the wearer of that gemstone can bring lots of luck in his life by thinking clearly and in a smart way. This is a black and brown gemstone that is quite similar to Cat’s or Tiger’s eye and that’s why it is called so. The stone is also believed to protect against negative energy.

Jade is found in almost all Asian countries, particularly in the countries like China and Philippine, this stone is found in abundance. In these countries, Jade is reckoned a symbol of everlasting lover and as a stone that can bring harmony and comfort in the life of the wearer. Couples often seem to gift jade to each other to strengthen their love and relationship.

Lapis Lazuli is another stone that is as old as hills and so are its attributed powers and hidden energies. The stone is known as the stone of the sky which shows the blue color in its best possible form.

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