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Some cares for handling gemstones

No doubt most of gemstones are quite durable but still the require some care. By following these general rules you can save your gemstones for generations and with the same luster as they were on the day when you bought them.

The first and foremost rule is to keep the gemstones clean. Usually, in rings   soap and dust collect behind the stone and the best way to clean it is soaking it in water and applies a mild soap and a soft toothbrush can also be used in this connection.

The gemstones which are considered the hardest may become vulnerable to breakage if they are included something that makes the crystal structure cracked.

Diamonds are counted as the hardest but still they shatter in to pieces if a well-placed blow is offered. Rubies and sapphire too are the toughest but they also face the similar fate if the right below at right place is given to them.

Ultrasonic cleaner is not a right choice for your gem and you must consider a lot before putting gems in it. This can be useful for rubies, diamonds and sapphires but not for many other gems and must leave it whenever you are in doubt. A large number of diamonds, rubies and sapphires that are single crystal gems can be cleaned with a touch of ammonia in water.

Intensive care is required for opaque gemstones like lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise and you must avoid ultrasonic cleaner and ammonia or some other chemical solution to apply on them. You can just use a moist cloth to clean these gems.

As these materials are mostly rocks and that is why these materials need more care than transparent gemstones. You may have observed when rock is put in water, it begins to absorb water and gets moist but when some gemstone is consisted of a single crystal, it can’t absorb water as there is no room in them that allows water to enter in them.

Intensive care is required to keep opals and they are avoided from ultrasonic, ammonia, heat and strong light that may dry out its water.

Many organic gems including pearls, amber, and coral should be   cleaned just with a moist cloth. As these gems have an organic nature, they are prone to absorbing moisture and often are soft. The gemstone must be kept away from different chemicals that are found hairspray, cosmetics or in perfumes.

You must keep your gemstones in different small pouches separately in the same or different jewelry boxes. The different items of gold, silver or platinum can scratch the gems and make them spoil.

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