Lapis Lazuli

Use of Lapis Lazuli tiles in ancient culture

Lapis Lazuli Tiles

If it is said that lapis lazuli is as old as hills, nothing wrong with it. Because of its matchless beauty and associated powers, this royal blue stone has been widely used for various purposes in almost all the well-known human civilizations. Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Indians and many others used that stone even thousands of years back.

The stone was also reckoned as sapphire in ancient times, and aside from jewelry and healing purposes, the stone was widely used in various forms for decorative purposes. The remnants of lapis lazuli tiles can still be seen in many ancient tombs in Egypt, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

It’s true that in ancient times lapis lazuli could hardly be seen in the folk life, and it was only limited to royal families and spiritual heads that used lapis lazuli for various purposes. It is said that Cleopatra used pulverized lapis lazuli as eyeshade, and similarly many other renowned personalities of different ages have been using that stone for different purposes, but mainly for its healing powers. Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of truth and friendship. It brings harmony and peace in the life of the wearer and similarly, there are many other powers which are associated with that stone.

Lapis lazuli has also been widely used for decorative purposes In the tombs of Ur that are located near the Euphrates River, over 6000 lapis lazuli statuettes of different objects like deer, rodents, birds, beads, dishes and cylinder seals have been found. No doubt, the stone which has been used in them came from the mines in northern Afghanistan.

Lapis lazuli with its matchless beauty and unique blue color is also known as the stone of the sky as well as a royal stone that has been serving the royals even in their tombs.

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