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Lapis Lazuli Pigment

De Mairo Lapis Lazuli Pigment is 100 % Natural and Non toxic Eco friendly pigment. Natural Lapis lazuli Pigment has a wonderful historic importance in the art world for its jewel like brilliant beauty and preciousness. Its notable use can be seen in many of the important paintings of the Old Masters and famous artists of 13th-19th century of the World. Premium Quality De Mairo pure Lapis Lazuli Dry Pigment is extracted from the gemstone Lapis Lazuli of the best grade. It is ideal for Oil Painting especially excellent for glazes, it is absorbed in Linseed oil/ liquin or any other painting medium in seconds and can be mixed with any other color. Equally splendid for Water Colors (mix it with a little Gum Arabic) yields smooth Brush strokes and suitable for Tempera Paintings as well. It imparts luminosity, durability and glittering beauty to paintings, thereby increasing their aesthetic and monetary value. A pure delight for painters, miniature artists, illuminators, mural painters, Chinese ink painting artists and religious icon painters.

Lapis Lazuli Pigment