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Lapis Lazuli Swimming Pool
Lapis Lazuli Tiles

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  • SKU: LL-3Dpool
Lapis Lazuli Tesserae is made with 2 cm x 2cm with thickness of 4mm, we are offering it for swimming pools and for spa, we are also offering different borders for swimming pools. Lapis lazuli can be used in salt water too, it has no toxic effects and can be used in extreme weather conditions too and dont have any problem with cleaning chemicals. lapis lazuli is being used as for different healing and health benefits. so in swimming pools it is also good to use lapis lazuli. we have Four grades, Grade AAA (80-90% Blue ), Grade AA ( 70-80% blue ), Grade A ( 40-50% blue ). All stones are cut from same material but we do the selection for grades. Mix grade is without selection.


Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

Lapis lazuli has great healing properties it energizes mind body and spirit it releases stress and cure aches , Lapis Lazuli in any form like Pigments, Pool tiles, jewelry or any home decor product will impart its great healing vibes and will create positive aura for everyone around. 

De Mairo offers 100% natural Afghan Lapis lazuli products, the Shine of our lapis lazuli products are natural, there are no dyes or lacre are used to enhance its polish, we use natural process for polishing to create its shine, 


Product Reviews
Sr. Irene Gibson
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I love working with this beautiful fine grain blue pigment. Iconography is such a sacred art and all the time one is praying and reflecting on heaven and the subject being painted. This is all the more so when using De Mairo Lapis Lazuli. The great Renaissance masters kept this beautiful rich blue pigment for robs of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. When I work on an Icon I feel I must offer to God the very best of His gifts to us, and for me the De Mairo Lapis Lazuli is the best and finest quality. Iconographer ( ireland ) .
Janice Knoll USA
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I find both of the De Mairo gemstone pigments I have used add a degree of luminosity and glow to the artwork. In the porcelain painting, I have added De Mairo Lapis Lazuli to Paynes Gray for the background and shadow areas. The Florida Sunset was painted using De Mairo Jasper in the sky and reflections in the water along with Lapis Lazuli pigment in the water. I am looking forward to trying your new colors as they come out.

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